Check that you are an eligible customer.
  Use our online form to lodge your complaint electronically.
  Complaints must be lodged in writing. If you are unable to lodge your complaint online, you may call or write to us to request a complaint form be sent to you. Please click here to access our contact details.
  You may lodge a complaint on behalf of another person who is unable to make the complaint on their own behalf, provided you have that person’s authority.

Step 1 Once you have determined you are eligible to make a complaint to the Airline Customer Advocate, complete the complaint form and lodge it online where possible, or alternatively by mail.
Step 2 A complaint number will be generated automatically and sent to you. Use this number to track the progress of your complaint online any time. Keep this number safe as it provides access to your complaint details.
Step 3 The Airline Customer Advocate will review your complaint form and if necessary will ask you for more information to clarify your complaint or the outcome you are seeking.
Step 4 The Airline Customer Advocate will assign your complaint to a case manager at the airline concerned.
Step 5 The airline case manager may contact you to clarify any points about your complaint, ask for documents to substantiate a claim you have made, or attempt again to resolve your complaint directly with you.
Step 6 The airline case manager is responsible for preparing a written response to your complaint on behalf of the airline concerned, using the Airline Response Form. The Airline Response Form will be sent to the Airline Customer Advocate for review.
Step 7 The Airline Customer Advocate will review the airline response and if necessary will ask the airline for more information to address your complaint or explain the airline’s position.
Step 8 You will receive a response within 20 working days from the date you lodged your complaint with the Airline Customer Advocate, excluding any period where more information, documentation or clarification has been sought from you.

If you are not satisfied with the response, you may choose to pursue other avenues.

The Customer Complaint Form is designed to collect sufficient information from you to allow us to understand your complaint and the outcome you are seeking in order to facilitate a resolution.

1. Personal Details
The personal details you provide should enable us to communicate with you and identify you with any booking or other information the airline may have in relation to your complaint. We will use your personal details in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If you are making the complaint on behalf of another person, please include his/her name. You must confirm that you are authorised to make the complaint on this person’s behalf.

2. Flight Details
You do not need to provide any flight details if you have not made a booking. However, your complaint must relate to airline services. The categories of airline services are set out in Question 8 and you need to choose the one that most closely reflects the area that is the subject of your complaint.

3. Complaint Description
Please provide only relevant details to describe your complaint. We need sufficient information to understand your issue in order to find a resolution. Please include an outline of the response you received when you lodged your complaint directly with the airline.

if you prefer, you can attach the airline’s response in the space provided. You should also attach receipts for any amounts for which you are claiming a refund or reimbursement.

4. Outcome sought
Please let us know the outcome you are seeking from the airline in your Customer Complaint Form.

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